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Skimboarding champion skim23x

Until a couple of weeks ago, I hadn’t heard of skimboarding. When Sam asked permission to go to Cavite to take photos at a skimboard competition, I asked, “A what?” Skimboard, she said. And I had to Google it to understand what it was that she wanted to take photos of.

Skimboarding (or skimming) is a boardsport in which a skimboard (a smaller counterpart to a surfboard without fins) is used to glide across the water’s surface. Unlike surfing, skimboarding begins on the beach by dropping the board onto the thin wash of previous waves. Skimboarders use their momentum to skim out to breaking waves…

That was about how far I got reading the article. Okay, a water sport. Similar to surfing but with a smaller board and different rules. The rest of the details? Never mind. The only thing I needed to know was whether Sam would be in any physical danger, she’d be taking photos from the shore anyway, so, I said okay — go.

And that’s Andric Enriquez (above) who emerged as champion.

Below, some of the other competitors.

Thanks, Sam, for the photos. skim10x skim17x skim29x

So, that day Sam asked to be allowed to go to Cavite, I added a new word to my vocabulary. Skimboard.

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