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Six great ways to make a chicken sandwich Six great ways to make a chicken sandwich

Yesterday, I made a cheese dip that fast became a beloved thing in the house. I said it could double as a salad dressing or a pasta sauce but it appears that there is yet another way to enjoy it.

On Tuesday evening, I roasted a chicken marinated in a mixture of masala and coconut milk. I even prepared a rice, mushrooms and vegetables dish to go with it. We had too much food for dinner, as it turned out, because Alex brought home Bicol Express and cassava cake courtesy of her friend Chesca whose aunt flew in from Albay. Alex had been raving over Chesca’s aunt’s Bicol Express since she tasted it during a recent trip to Albay. Chesca’s family is so generous to share it with us too. Thank you so much. It was absolutely delicious.

Anyway, so we had so much food the other night that we didn’t finish the chicken. I wrapped the leftover quarter in foil and kept it in the fridge hoping that inspiration would strike so that I could do some creative recycling. The inspiration finally struck earlier today.

I shredded the chicken into fairly large chunks and reheated the meat in a little butter. I toasted slices of French baguette, piled the buttery chicken on slices then poured the cheese dip over the chicken. Oh, goodness, that was delicious. I’m thinking that same thing can be done with just about any (leftover) cold meat. Shred, reheat with butter then use as a sandwich filling topped with the cheese dip.

The experience was so satisfying that I was ready to proclaim today’s sandwich as my favorite chicken sandwich of all time. But before making any quick declarations, I decided to pore over the other chicken sandwiches I have made in the past, compare and then decide which is really the one I like best. chicken-burgerChicken and mushrooms burger – If you’re the kind of person who is curious about what exactly goes into a Mushroom Burger, you’d probably have read up or asked around and discovered that it is one part ground beef and one part ground oyster mushrooms. This version has ground chicken in lieu of beef. chicken-salad-sandwichThe ultimate chicken salad sandwich – In May 2011, I combined these two well-loved sandwich fillings. Chicken salad plus cheese pimiento. The result was a blast. The taste bud experience wasn’t even enough. I served the salad a second time using a presentation I saw on Food Network. chicken-sandwich-mushroom-sauceRoast chicken, mushroom and Colby cheese sandwich – In this recipe, leftover roast chicken was torn into fairly large strips and topped with butter sautéed onions and mushrooms, and melted cheese. The moist mushrooms and onions rehydrated the drying chicken meat. The melted cheese added both color and contrasting texture. With light and crisp romaine lettuce and grilled bread, lunch was an easy to make tasty and hearty sandwich. chicken-teriyaki-sandwichChicken teriyaki sandwich – In this recipe, the centerpiece of the sandwich is the filling of chicken teriyaki and pan fried mushrooms. Dispensing with the usual mayo base, honey-mustard sauce was spread on the bottom bread slice before the sandwich was assembled. crispy-chicken-sandwichCrispy chicken sandwich – It’s like chicken schnitzel, baked rather than fried and generously topped with slices of cheese. Goodness, it was good. And quite heavy. One sandwich each and Speedy and I were ready for dessert.

Having reviewed the chicken sandwich recipes in the archive, have I come up with a favorite? They’re all good — each different than the others but not one better than the rest. They’re just all good. I can’t play favorites.

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