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Silicone baking pans

As I try to decide whether or not to bake today the rum cake that I had been itching to do for months, let me post some photos of some of the baking utensils I use in my kitchen. Reader Lemon in the mango and jelly dessert comment thread would like to know what a tube pan is. So does Yuga who is now posting recipes in his blog. silicone bundt pan

Above is my silicone bundt pan. A tube pan looks the same except that the sides are plain rather than ribbed. American and European brands of silicone bundt pan cost around PhP 1,200.00. I bought mine from the basement of the SM department store at Megamall. It cost PhP 700.00, made in China. I also bought a new set of piping bag with decorator tips after our cheap piping bag split open while my daughter Sam was making some churros. silicone round cake pan

Above, the round blue cake pan.

(Insert: So as not to mislead, this blue round pan was bought from Japan Home where all items cost PhP 88.00. I haven’t used this pan though. Compared to the red tube pan, the material of this round pan is definitely thinner.)

So, what’s so special about silicone bakeware apart from being expensive? They’re non-stick, rustproof and removing the cake from the pan couldn’t be easier. I really love them; so do my kids. If the weather gets a little more cooperative, I’ll bake a rum cake today. :)

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