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There will be another sale on November 12-15, 2009. Click here for details.

What I really wanted was a Le Creuset but that can wait. Meanwhile, I spent an obscene amount of money shopping for cookware today. I would have spent more had I bought them at their regular prices. Fortunately, I only paid a fraction because there’s this fantastic bodega (warehouse) sale at the Cybermall in Eastwood City. I bought so much not just for home use but for gift-giving on Christmas. That’s how I ended up spending all that money — part of it was Christmas shopping. I can’t show you the items that I intend to give to friends and relatives but I can tell you about the cookware I bought. Pyrex non-stick cookware with lids

When it comes to non-stick cookware, I have been a Tefal loyalist for more than a decade. My only issue against Tefal is that most of its pans do not come with lids. Until today, I had no idea that Pyrex made non-stick cookware. I have always associated Pyrex with glass ovenware but not with non-stick woks, casseroles and pans. Pyrex non-stick cookware do come with lids and the quality, including the thickness of the metal and the ergonomic design of the handles, convinced me to buy a 34-cm wok (P2,750.00), a 26-cm frying pan (P1,300.00), a 22-cm casserole (P1,850.00) and an 18-cm sauce pan (P1,500.00). They’re made in Italy and they come in a very classy silver-gray finish. Corningware casseroles

I also bought a couple of Corningware casseroles — the kind that can go directly from the freezer to the stove top or the oven. They can be washed even when still hot and they are dishwasher safe too. I already have two square Corningware casseroles but they are rather small so the ones I bought today are larger — a 5-liter (P1,950.00) and a 2.25-liter casseroles (P950.00).

It wasn’t just cookware that I bought. I also bought small cooking utensils — a grater, a paring knife, measuring cups and spoons, a flour sifter and a whisk. whisk

I do have a great wire whisk but since it’s metal, I cannot use it with non-stick pans and ceramic casseroles. So, I bought the great looking whisk by Pyrex that you see above — for P100.00, believe it or not.

The bodega sale lasts until Sunday, November 18th, at the third floor of the Cybermall at Eastwood City. It’s not a regular shop so don’t expect to find a cookware shop there after the 18th. It’s only there for the duration of the sale. Actually, I’m thinking of going back sometime during the weekend. There were a couple of small items that I thought we didn’t need only to find out from my husband later on in the day that he could no longer locate the cork screw, etcetera, etcetera…

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