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In our search for coffee, we found Ritual

In our search for coffee, we found Ritual |

Sam had an exhibit last night. To make sure we wouldn’t be late, we left the house real early. Too early, as it turned out, so Speedy and I decided to have dinner before proceeding to the exhibit. When we got there, we realized we hadn’t had our after-dinner coffee and started looking around.

There was a store called Ritual, the sign said it served coffee, so we went in. But they were out of coffee. Normally, that would have sent me into a huff. A coffee place with no coffee? Bah! But… I looked around, inspected the food stuff on the shelves and momentarily forgot the craving for coffee.

Ritual is a cacao/coffee joint, according to its website, “that sells local, eco-friendly, preferably organic products not enclosed in plastic bags”. Customers bring their own containers. But there were a lot of other great things in there aside from cacao and coffee. There was muscovado sugar and coco sugar. And there was sea salt. ritual1

I asked if the salt was iodized, I was told it was not, so we bought half a kilo. I so hate iodized salt so every time I find natural salt, I rejoice.

And then, there were bottled products. ritual2

Ale, rum, tapuy (Philippine rice wine), raw wild honey, sweet sorghum syrup, chocnut butter, chili sauces, chili flakes, virgin coconut oil, spices… ritual4

If half of my mind weren’t on the exhibit, I would have bought a lot more than half a kilo of salt. ritual5

Definitely going back there. I especially want to try the coffee and cacao. ritual6

Apart from the food, there were a few cooking equipment too.

Batirol, trussing needles, cookie cutters, coconut graters… ritual7

And then there were the non-food items. ritual8

The label on the bottles of lavender liquid soap read:

100% biodegradable. A mild all-natural liquid soap made with coconut-based cleansers. No artificial fragrance — just pure lavender essential oil. Contains no harmful colorings, preservatives and animal products. May be used as a hand or body wash. ritual9

The soaps, made with natural ingredients, have such amusing names.

My Little Secret – for changing hormones and climate
Ey Good Looking – shaving soap
Skin Disorder Manager – self-explanatory, right?
Butter Days – for scar treatment
Sing It White And Soft — yes, a skin whitener
Machismo — sport soap
Queen of Egypt — to even out skin tones and fight wrinkles

Interesting what one finds when desperately searching for a good cup of coffee. Ritual is located at The Collective, 7274 Malugay Street, Makati.

And just where did we find coffee? Next door at Kubyertos. The coffee was, however, mediocre at best.

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