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Scented oils and oil diffusers

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Speedy and I like making the house smell good. Speedy even likes to keep his pick-up smelling good. He normally has one kind of air freshener or another in there although he has learned to choose ones with subtle scent. See, Sam and Alex hated scent when they were younger; probably a trauma from the times they rode in the car with my mother who applied perfume much too liberally. It is only now that they’re grown up that they have become interested in scents. Growing up, they complained about the air freshener in the car although the reaction was less violent about our aromatherapy attempts at home.

Yes, we went through the incense phase. We had boxes and boxes of scented incense in every imaginable floral variety. Some of them are still lying around forgotten in some drawer. We still light them once in a while but not as often as we used to.

Then, we went through the oil burner phase. Speedy was especially smitten with oil burners. Not only did he buy essential oils, he started collecting burners as well in different shapes, colors and sizes.

casaveneracion.com oil-burner

This one was a kind of house warming oil burner. He bought it a few days after we moved to this house.

The thing about incense and oil burners is that the scent lasts only for as long as they are lighted. A stick of incense will burn for around fifteen minutes and, after that, the scent will linger for about half an hour unless all doors and windows are closed. An oil burner will emit the scent of the essential oil in its receptacle for as long as the tea candle beneath is burning. In short, with incense as with oil burners, the scent never lasts long.

Last week, I went to the annual Christmas get together with my closest friends from law school, one of whom had her birthday recently and she treated us to a wonderful dinner at Romulo’s in Quezon City (the boneless crispy pata is unforgettable). We exchanged gifts, as usual, they each received a container of yema balls from me and I got an oil diffuser from one of them. It’s a different kind of oil diffuser — no lighting necessary.

casaveneracion.com oil-diffuser

The oil diffuser set has three components — the bottle of scented oil, the container for the oil and bamboo sticks to diffuse the oil. How does it work? You pour the scented oil into the container then you drop the bamboo sticks into the oil. The bamboo sticks soak up the oil and emit the scent. Brilliant! I was so intrigued that I did my Googling as soon as I got home.

casaveneracion.com oil-diffuser2

For this kind of oil diffuser, rattan reeds are the original scent emitters. Rattan reeds have multiple holes at the center and that makes them very efficient for the job. According to some online sellers, bamboo sticks are no substitute. But that’s a lie. Bamboo sticks work well. After I dropped the bamboo sticks into the scented oil container, I put the container on the dining table and left it there overnight. When I woke up the next day, as I was going down, the wonderful scent greeted me even before I was halfway down the stairs. And we have an open floor plan on the ground floor! I can just imagine how much better the effect would be if the container were left in an enclosed space.

The bamboo sticks need to be flipped every few weeks for maximum effect. When they are all soaked and already unable to absorb any more liquid, they must be replaced.

So, I am very much enamored of this kind of oil diffuser because the scent lasts until the oil is gone and that takes months! I have researched on how to make scented oil at home so that I will always have something like this in different parts of the house forever and ever.

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