Superb Soups

Save the meat from the soup bones

I’m not sure if this is true everywhere and for everybody but whenever I buy soup bones, I actually get more than bones. There’s a lot of meat in them that if you’re diligent enough to pick the meat after simmering the bones, you’ll get enough to make a pretty good meat and vegetable soup. And every time I salvage the meat from soup bones, I wonder if I don’t have something of my late grandmother in me. She was a hoarder — she kept at least six cavans of rice behind her bedroom door at any given time. And there was just her and the caretaker in the house. I always thought she was nuts but then she lived through the Japanese occupation and knew what it was like not knowing where the next meal would come from. Not only did she hoard food stuff and household supplies, she was also very frugal. I don’t hoard but I do tend to get frugal on occasion. soup bones

If I have the time, I roast the bones before I simmer them. I did yesterday and that’s how they looked after I had picked all the meat. vegetable soup

And that’s the soup I made with the salvaged meat. I just added sliced carrots and diced pechay baguio and I had a soup that was actually a complete meal. I’m that frugal, sometimes. Or, maybe, I’m really just a cheapskate by heart. :razz:

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