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casaveneracion.com Strawberry streusel cake

There is an ongoing five-day sale at S&R (tomorrow is the last day), we were there yesterday and came home with a lot of berries — strawberries, blackberries, cranberries, blueberries… And I just knew there was going to be a lot of baking in this house for the next couple of days. The first project, per the request of my husband, is a strawberry streusel cake. He loves that cake. He adores the crisp streusel topping and the soft moist strawberries and the juices that work their way into the cake.

Well, there’s the strawberry streusel cake. If you want to know what it’s doing on the bed and what those cards are, read my entry about Talecraft. And since we’re into the subject of cakes, I figured this is a good time as any to feature readers’ contributions that fall under the “sweet” category.

casaveneracion.com Crepes and strawberries

Emy Medina calls this dish crepes Veneracion. I am tickled pink, really. She says, “This was prepared from 3 recipes from your site. I cooked the Minatamis na Saba in honey & kalamansi, omitted the condensed milk then I prepared the crepe. Someone gave me a crepe maker years ago,still in an unopened box in the garage…I used a non-stick pan. Lastly, I made Speedy’s strawberry syrup and poured it on top of the crepe (my syrup was watery, I think I put some H20…not following instructions, hehehe) that’s the reason I didn’t use condensed milk. Fantastic….My husband said he can eat this any time of the day.”

I think they should be called Emy’s crepes. By combining three recipes, Emy actually created a totally new one and I think it’s awesome. :)

casaveneracion.com polvoron

The polvoron photo is from Quennie Balasabas-Martinez who says, “I’ve been a reader of your blog for… a lot of years now, I can’t remember when I first stumbled on your blog but I do remember it was still named radicalcook or something :grin: Anyway, I have cooked dozens of the recipes that you have posted but I have not taken any picture of most of them since it’s an everyday ‘ulam’. But while browsing I saw my pictures of polvoron that I gave out to friends here last Christmas. They loved it! Even days after when they came over and we still have some left they were still reaching for it. I made 3 flavors, Plain, chocolate and with pinipig(the one with green bits, bought it in an Asian store and it has been flavored with pandan). The proportion of flour to milk and sugar is the same in your recipe, I just added more chocolate on the choco flavored ones.”

Right, Quennie. When my food blog first went online, I called it “Culinary Adventures with the Radical Chef.” You really are a long time reader. Thank you. :)

casaveneracion.com cheesecake

From Aissa: “Cheesecake is my favorite dessert ever!!! But ever since i tried your first cheesecake, I felt kuripot to buy commercially made cheesecakes…coz i make my own now! I prepare this on special occassions…birthdays, christmas (gave this out last dec 08!) or on those splurging-for-some-yummy-dessert-after-salary moments!

“I’m just having a problem with the crust, I don’t want it crumbly. What i did is I bake it for 10 mins so it’ll become a little compact. And instead of baking it for 2 hours I bake mine for 1 hour, because the oven that i use is not the big oven (I don’t know how you call it), but the one twice as big as an oven toaster. I’m just afraid to use our big oven! hahaha!!

“But anyway, here’s the result of the pinoycook inspired cheesecake… Love the creaminess of this cheesecake. I also love it with fresh mangoes…yummy!”

Aissa, try adding more butter to the graham crackers to make it less crumbly.

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