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Sam’s take on vegetarianism and the food chain okra

When Sam declared she was going vegetarian and I agreed to support her, I started to do a lot of reading about meatless diets. To start with, a meatless diet is not necessarily healthier than a carnivorous one. A lot of people think that by giving up meat and limiting one’s intake to vegetables, ailments will miraculously disappear and health threats will go down to zero. Not true.

Not that Sam is going vegetarian because of an ailment. Nope. She’s strong as an ox, as the metaphor goes. Neither is she giving up meat to get skinny. Again, nope. Skinny makes her barf. In fact, I asked her once what she’d do if she woke up one morning as skinny as Gwyneth Paltrow. She said she’d kill herself. Metaphorically, of course. There are no religious nor political nor environmental reasons either. She just has an affinity for animals (doesn’t she have how many pets right now?) and she’s at that point when killing them, even for food, makes her feel sick. Sam Veneracion and her pitbull, Astro

We talked about it, actually. Speedy and I are, to this day, firm believers of the food chain. In the natural course of life, the larger and more intelligent animals will consume the smaller and weaker ones for food. That’s life. And we brought that up with Sam.

How could she reconcile that reality with her stand about not killing animals? Choice, she said. Animals don’t have a choice and they have to kill to feed and survive. Man has choice. Okay, fair enough.

And so, on to learning more about vegetarian diets.