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Sambo Kojin at Eastwood City

Sambo Kojin

Once a year, vegetarian Sam eats seafood. That happens on her birthday bash. This year, it was dinner at Sambo Kojin at Eastwood City. Her choice. She perused the menu, liked the seafood selection so off we went.

Sambo Kojin is a Japanese-Korean restaurant. It offers buffet-style dining where the main feature is the smokeless grill on every table. We feasted. Sam grilled quail eggs, corn, shrimps, and salmon. Off the grill, she had sushi, sashimi and tempura. Us omnivores had a lot of meat in addition to the grilled seafood, sushi, sashimi and tempura.

What was good and what was so-so?

All the items meant for the grill were good — those that we tried, at least. The items on the sushi bar were great. The salmon and tuna sashimi were exceptionally good. The chefs there know how to cut fish.

What was only so-so? The tempura and fried breaded Japanese dishes. Overcooked — the tonkatsu and fish tempura were already dry.

The hot dishes didn’t look appetizing at all. The stir fries looked forlorn and forgotten; the yakisoba seemed like it had been sitting there forever without getting replenished because no one takes from the tray anyway.

Dessert was mostly good. The mini cream puffs were delectable, so was the trifle with bananas, but the best was the ice cream. I chose green tea ice cream, asked the waiter to give me one big scoop then I spooned melted chocolate from the chocolate fountain over it. As a final touch, I sprinkled in some rice crispies. Yes, I totally ignored the usual candies and confections meant as ice cream toppings. And I skipped all the cakes too.

The price? It’s PHP699.00 per person. At the current exchange rate, that’s USD15.9407. They offer a promo where diners celebrating his or her birthday gets to eat for free. Too bad Sam didn’t have an ID indicating her birthday. Had we known about the promo beforehand, Speedy would have bought full documentation to prove Sam’s date of birth.

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