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Round spiky red flowers called Fireball

We were at Balay Indang during the Pacquiao-Hatton weekend and, on the way home, because the way home is through Tagaytay City, we passed by Mahogany Market as has been our habit whenever we’re in the area. Like I mentioned in an earlier entry, at the back of the Mahogany Market, you’ll now find a gazillion sellers of herbs and fruit trees.

During our most recent Tagaytay visit, Sam noticed (with twinkling eyes and audible gasps of awe) some weird-looking red flowers along the road. Round red spiky balls. Pretty, no question about it. When we reached Mahogany Market, she saw at once pots of the same spiky flowers for sale. Sam being Sam, she started with her litany of, “Mommy, bili tayo (let’s buy)…” Now, I’ve been trying to convert the garden into a fruit, vegetables and herb garden and I haven’t bought ornamental plants in a long time. So, I gave her my hohum, brought her with me to the meat stalls and made her take photos of that cut of beef that goes into Soup #5 — you know what I’m referring to. Of course she squirmed and I thought she would run away but I figured if she’s going to be a kick-ass photographer, she might as well learn how not be squeamish with things like bull’s testicles and penis. The photos are still in my hard drive because I haven’t decided yet where to post them with the least shock effect on readers.

But I digress… I was going to tell you about the round spiky red flowers. So, after buying a couple of kilos of short ribs and beef shank (for bulalo), we headed back to the truck. Alex was still inside playing her PSP but Speedy was nowhere in sight. We stood there for a while because the beef had to go into the ice-filled cooler in the trunk and I didn’t have the keys. Then, we saw Speedy walking toward us. He had been to the plant stalls and… can you guess?

Speedy bought three pots of the spiky red flower — the name is Fireball, by the way — and a three-foot trumpet lily tree. Who was I to say no, right? It’s as much their garden as it is mine. Besides, I have to admit they’re not only pretty, they look unique too.

casaveneracion.com fireball

The three Fireball plants have been replanted just outside our bedroom sliding door that leads to the garden.

casaveneracion.com fireball

The flower is about five inches in diameter. But what’s really cool about these fiery red balls is that they look as good up close as they do from a distance.

casaveneracion.com fireball

At the end of the spikes are small yellow flowers.

casaveneracion.com fireball

There they are from another angle.

I’ve been wondering why Speedy bought the pots of fireball. To humor Sam? Because he loved them as much as she did at first sight? Or because fireball sounds so much like firefall, the name of a band he loves so much that he has kept his copies of their long playing records even though record players are fast becoming obsolete? I didn’t ask anymore. The fireball plants look so pretty where they are right now.

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