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Roasted Duck Breast

Roasted Duck Breast |

There are only three steps in cooking roasted duck breast — brown the duck, roast in the oven and let it rest before serving.

If you like duck but find that a whole duck is too much for your family’s consumption, you can buy duck breast instead. It is the meatiest part of the duck after all, and, with the uniform thickness and no bones to deal with, duck breast is much easier to cook. Cooks much faster too. The downside? It is more expensive, kilo for kilo, than a whole duck. Plus, you don’t get bones that are so good for making broth.

I bought my duck breast at S&R. A 379 gram piece cost over 600 pesos. Whereas, a two-kilo duck costs a little over a thousand. Told you. Duck breast is quite pricey. Consider it a prime cut. Goes with a premium price. And, with a price tag like that, it better not go to waste with bad cooking. 

Roasted Duck Breast

There’s the duck breast before cooking. Unblemished skin with a good layer of fat beneath.

Lots of meat too.

Now, how to cook it. Does it need marinade? You may do that if you like. Remember, however, that any marinade ingredient with sugar in it can burn the duck skin and meat faster.

Roasted Duck Breast

First, brown the duck skin in a frying pan and let it render fat.

Flip to brown the meat.

Roasted Duck Breast

Transfer the duck (yes, in the pan so your pan should be ovenproof) to a preheated oven. Cook for 8 to 10 minutes for medium rare, 12 to 15 minutes for just barely rare. I cooked mine for 15 minutes and that’s how it looked straight out of the oven.

See how much fat has been rendered? That’s gourmet stuff, baby. Store it in the fridge for future use.

Lift the duck from the fat and transfer to a cutting board. It needs to rest before cutting so that the juices can have a chance to settle. If you can manage it, lay it sideways so that loss of juice is minimal.

Cover the duck with foil. Not wrap; just cover loosely. Let the duck rest for at least 10 minutes.

Roasted Duck Breast

You can serve the duck by itself with dipping sauce on the side. Or slice the roasted duck breast and arrange on a bed of creamed spinach.

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