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Resident artist

We have two resident artists. One is a digital wiz, the other works with more traditional media. Like ink. And paint. I’ve known for a long time that Alex could draw and paint but I didn’t really think she was as good with sculpture until she finished her latest school project. Apparently, I’m not the only one who’s impressed. Her teacher was more than happy with her work. alex-sculpture

It started with a photo of her face which was translated to a relief. The image was formed using modeling clay. alex-sculpture

Alex’s art teacher, a product of the U.P. College of Fine Arts, told the class that this project was something he did as a second year college student. Challenging for high school kids not all of whom are seriously into art. But Alex is. Very seriously. alex-sculpture

I don’t know if the project is complete, Speedy commented that a portion of the rim lacks the blue trimming, but I know that it already earned glowing feedback from Alex’s teacher. And I’m happy for Alex because she poured a lot of time into this project, as she always does with her all art projects. And I’m not just talking about school projects. She does a lot of art stuff that aren’t school related but she gives them all just as much time and effort. Well, we all tend to give a lot of loving attention to projects and activities that we enjoy. In Alex’s case, it’s art.

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