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A Rainbow Cake For Sam’s Birthday

A Rainbow Cake For Sam’s Birthday | casaveneracion.com

For Sam’s birthday yesterday, Alex made this beautiful rainbow cake. A birthday rainbow cake had been on Sam’s wishlist for three years already and I’m so happy that her sister has finally made that dream come true.

When Sam first asked for a rainbow cake, I contacted a baker/caterer whose cupcakes I enjoyed immensely at a christening party. Shockingly, she wanted 8,000 pesos for a six-inch cake. I told her, no, thank you. What was she going to make the rainbow cake with anyway — liquefied rubies, emeralds and sapphires? 

This year, several days before Sam’s birthday, Alex asked her sister what birthday cake she wanted. And Sam said she still wanted a rainbow cake. Or, perhaps, a chessboard cake. Alex balked at the chessboard cake but the rainbow cake didn’t even seem to make her nervous. Her only issue was what frosting to use to keep the layers together.

Well, all’s well that ends well. Alex decided on brown sugar frosting (500 grams of butter in that frosting!). The six cake layers were made using the same recipe for the red velvet cupcakes but minus the cocoa powder and the strawberry flavoring. I was just a few meters away in my study while Alex was baking and there was one point when she got worried because the cake was already too tall and she had not put in all the layers yet. I told Alex that a rainbow cake is tall so there was no need to worry. It’s a six-layer cake with frosting in between so how could it not be tall?

Alex related later that while assembling the cake, she was singing in her head over and over again, “Red and orange, green and blue, shining yellow and violet too.” She didn’t want to get the order wrong because she didn’t want complaints from her sister.

No one made complaints. The rainbow cake is absolutely delicious!

Happy birthday again, dear Sam.

And, Alex, thank you for a marvelous rainbow cake!

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