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Putting up the Christmas lights, one room at a time

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It surprised me, really, Speedy putting up Christmas lights. He’s always been so watchful over our electricity bill and a recent letter from Meralco (which I’m presuming you all received too) explaining why power rates will go up this month couldn’t have prepared me for his sudden itch to put up Christmas lights. Normally, it’s the girls who itch to decorate but they’re hardly ever home these days… I guess semi-empty nester Speedy misses them and wants to surprise them. And they will be very pleasantly surprised.

For the past two days, Speedy had been testing the strings of lights that we bought years ago (no, we’re not buying new lights — we have enough!). Then, he experimented with the windows. First, he took down the curtains, leaving only the bamboo blinds and installing the lights above the blinds. Then, he put up new curtains, the lights got hidden, he asked me what I thought and I said the lights should go in front of the curtains. And he took down the lights and put them in front of the curtains.

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And he did all that while I was working. And he was fast too. I was writing something and, next time I looked up from my iMac, the lights were magically in front of the curtains. I thought he was going to wait until I took a break because I did offer to help.

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The Christmas lights that hang on the dining room windows are made of twine. There’s another set made of abaca and I think that’s the one Speedy’s putting up in the family room. We bought the lights in Dapitan three years ago. When we first used them, we wound the them around a white twig tree. Imported from Thailand, I was told. I remember that I had to haggle like crazy although I can’t recall now how much they cost.

So, there. Speedy takes full credit for the new look of the dining area. Of course, it’s not that dim when we eat. There are ceiling lights in there but I had to turn them off to take the photos to make the Christmas lights pop out visually. I know Speedy’s still not content with how he had put up the Christmas lights in the family room so I expect that he’ll be re-organizing there right now unless he has drowsed off in front of the TV which he often does.

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