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Puto flan? No, thanks. Mochi donuts? Once is enough.

After walking around for four hours hunting for clothes, shoes and bags, our feet and legs were aching. We needed to sit down and rest. What better way to do that than with a cold drink to sip?

While Speedy was getting our iced coffee drinks from good old trusty Quickly, Alex and I walked over to the next stall for some French fries. We had spotted it earlier, I wondered why the “Irish” monicker and I figured it couldn’t be more than the association because potatoes are Ireland’s most important agricultural produce.

Like I wrote on Instagram, there was nothing Irish about the recipe (French fries not even French but Belgian). Sour cream seasoning too sweet to be sour. But you get lots of real fries for 164 with one topping of your choice (I got jalapeños).

After the fries and drinks, we went hunting for boots and the hours just went by. Finally, it was time to pick up Sam. But before leaving the mall, we decided to pick up a few things that we could snack on at home.


Speedy chose a tray of puto flan; Alex pointed to the mochi donuts. Additionally, we bought roasted (or was it caramelized) yema (good!) and cotton candy for Sam. Off we went to pick up Sam then we drove to Binondo for dinner. More on the Chinatown dinner in another post. This is about the puto flan and the mochi donuts.

puto flan

At home, we opened our loot to try them. Now then, there’s a reason why puto is often topped with cheese or slices of salted egg. It’s to create a contrast because, otherwise, puto would be too plain. And, if it’s too sweet, it would be cloying.

The puto in the puto flan was too sweet. With the addition of the custard, it was twice as cloying. Fail, fail, fail.

mochi donuts

And the mochi donuts? They sure were pretty. BUT. To be considered mochi, the dough must be made with ground glutinous rice. After cooking, the mochi is both sticky and chewy.

Unfortunately for the pretty mochi donuts, they were only mildly chewy and not sticky at all. It would have been less pretentious to call them “slightly chewy decorated donuts” instead of mochi donuts. They didn’t taste bad though despite the undecipherable texture. And be warned that they are super oily.

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