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Pork, chicken and pineapple stew

Pork, chicken and pineapple stew |

A stew that has cubes of pork belly and chicken portions, the dish is a combination of two recipes in the archive. The chicken version is a favorite with my mother-in-law’s so when we decided to spend a part of Christmas day at her house, it was a logical choice for the potluck lunch. But because it wasn’t just going to be her who has to enjoy the dish, I decided to transform it into a pork and chicken stew to make Speedy’s very carnivorous siblings, nephews and nieces happy. This was the result. I cooked a huge pot of stew, divided it into two portions, served one on Christmas Eve and brought the other at my in-laws’ the next day.

You can refer to the pork and pineapple stew or the chicken, tomatoes and pineapple stew for the basic recipe. But because pork takes twice as long to cook as chicken, the cooking procedure needs a bit of modification.

Remember too that the amount of ingredients depends on the TOTAL WEIGHT of the pork and chicken so make the necessary adjustments.

Following either of the recipes, cook the pork with all of the marinade. Forget about the chicken for a while (keep in the fridge!) and proceed as though you’re just cooking pork.

After half an hour (more or less, depending on the age of the animal), add the chicken. Bring to the boil, lower the heat and cover. Simmer for 30 to 45 minutes (again, more or less, depending on the age and quality of the chicken — remember that larger birds and free range ones require a longer cooking time) or until both the pork and chicken are fork tender.

And that’s it! For the garnish, you can use snipped parsley or finely sliced scallions. Both work beautifully.

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