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Pizza, Buffalo wings and beef salpicao

Last Saturday, to satisfy Alex’s craving for pasta and pizza, we had dinner at Cafe Lidia.

I ordered the pork parmigiana (above, left), Alex had the baked penne (above, right), Speedy opted for the beef salpicao (below, left) and, for starters, we had the mozzarella sticks (below, right) and the spicy chicken wings.

My pork parmigiana was sublime. The pomodoro sauce was thick and coated the noodles wonderfully. I’ve tried Cafe Lidia’s beef salpicao before so I knew that Speedy enjoyed his. Alex had no complaints with her baked penne. The spicy chicken wings and pizza were items we’ve all had before and they were just as good as the previous times.

Pizza, pasta, chicken wings, beef salpicao and mozzarella sticks… The cost of dinner was P1,015.00. Did we finish everything? Heck, no. We brought home half of the pizza. And width=”225″ height=”150″ although Cafe Lidia serves gorgeous cakes and pastries, we were too full to order dessert. For more on Cafe Lidia, click here.

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