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Pinipig rice cake rice-cake

Glutinous rice is harvested while still green and before it is fully mature, the rice is pounded and the result is called pinipig. There was a blogger (she’s no longer active) who used to scoff at that definition because, according to her, only one variety of rice can be made into “legitimate” pinipig. I took her statement with a grain of salt, I’m no botanist and I’m perfectly okay with the raw, toasted and dried pinipig sold in the markets. Besides, she was the kind of food blogger who claimed to know everything — you know, that hers was always the only correct recipe and everyone else’s was wrong. So, you know, it was kinda hard to take anything she said seriously. And, maybe, that’s why her blog has been out of commission for years.

Pinipig is made into drinks, cookies, sweets and cakes like the one in the photo.

The pinipig rice cake in the photo was market-bought so please don’t ask for the recipe.

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