Dining Out

Pig Out!

We’ve passed by Pig Out! in Nuvali, Sta. Rosa, Laguna many times but it wasn’t until the Independence Day weekend that we had a chance to dine there. In a nutshell, we liked the food, we liked the service, we liked the atmosphere. Lots to choose from in the menu, waiters were attentive but did not hover as though willing you to order more, and the physical set-up was not cramped at all.

Child-friendly too. The crayons and activity sheets entertained my teenage daughters

… and their father.

The prices weren’t exactly cheap and the servings were not huge. The latter would sound ironic considering the name of the restaurant. Pig Out! does conjure up images of large platters and eat to the death kind of set-up but it wasn’t like that.

Our meal started with two appetizers — eggplant dip for Speedy and me…

… calamari for Sam and Alex. Both were pretty good.

Main entrees could be ordered “for one” or “for sharing”. We decided to order three different dishes “for one” and just share everything. A good decision, it turned out, as we had just enough. Above, the chicken peri-peri — so inspiring that I did my own version at home.

The pork satay — which I also did at home some two weeks later but missed out on a chance to take photos.

Then, the grilled tuna belly which came topped with kangkong and toasted garlic bits.

I normally don’t order drinks when eating out — plain water or house tea for me, thank you — but when I saw the selection of drinks, I was impressed. And tempted. Not the usual sodas and fruit shakes — they put a little more imagination in the drinks they serve there.

I ordered a glass of Babe’s Favorite — a drink of blended fresh apples, orange, grapes with apple juice and honey. And I liked it. Which is rare, really, because when it comes to drinks, I’m very hard to impress. And, in fairness, the real thing looked the same as the one in the photo on the menu. And that’s a big thing to me because I don’t like false advertising.

The bill was a little over P1,800.00 (I told you it wasn’t cheap) but Speedy and I felt that the meal was worth it. Next time we’re in the Nuvali area, we just might drop by at Pig Out! again and try other dishes — and drinks — on their menu.

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