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Piaya Piaya

Piaya is a flat unleavened bread filled with mozcovado (raw) sugar. A product of the Negros provinces, sugar capital of the Philippines, it is now also produced by other regions in the Visayas. The piaya in the photo are from the province of Cebu.

What’s the texture like? The bread is flaky, just like the Chinese hopia, and the filling is, of course, sweet. There is an episode in Living Asia Channel that features the Negros region. One of the segments in the episode is the making of piaya. The dough is prepared then formed into small balls. The filling of mozcovado sugar is spooned at the center of each ball then the ball is re-shaped. Rolling pins are used to flatten them. Ovens used for commercially produced piaya are not enclosed contraptions but more like huge open griddles. The flattened piaya are arranged in rows and columns, cooked until the underside is lightly browned then flipped over to brown the opposite side. They are cooled then packed for selling.

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