Peach tart: peach schnapps and lime juice

casaveneracion.com Peach tart: peach schnapps and lime juice

If you think that schnapps, whatever the flavor, is just a sweetener for your cocktail drink, think again. A schnapps (yes, it is singular despite the “s” at the end) is a fruit-flavored strong alcoholic drink where the alcohol content can be anywhere from 15% to 50%. This drink, peach tart, has nothing but peach schnapps and lime juice but, oh boy, does it kick like a terrified horse. It won’t always, I’m sure, as it depends on the alcohol content of the peach schnapps you’re using. And the mixed cocktail drink may be lighter in color than what you see in the photo. I took this photo well after midnight using two light sources — a floor lamp on the left and overhead halogen bulbs on the right. So, the hue of the drink appears darker than it would in daylight.

However potent, or however light or dark, in terms of flavor, the sweet peach schnapps goes so well with the tart lime juice. This drink almost tastes like dessert! Such wonderful contrast between sweet and tart.

The most basic formula for peach tart is one part lime juice to four parts peach schnapps. So, if we translate that into numbers, something like a quarter ounce of lime juice for every four ounces of peach schnapps. The thing is, finding the perfect ratio depends on the lime juice and peach schnapps you’re using. Store-bought lime juice concentrate will not have the same tartness as fresh lime juice. And I suppose that a more tart lime juice will go better with a peach schnapps with a higher alcohol content. You’ll just have to find the ratio that suits you best.

And the maraschino cherry? Is that really a necessary ingredient? Oh, no. But Speedy gets really creative when he’s in the mood. Dropping a maraschino cherry into the class before pouring in the mixed peach tart cocktail was his idea. Worked well too, if you ask me. After drinking the peach tart in one go, munching the sweet cherry, like an afterthought, was a good epilogue to a great drink.

In one go? Yes. Peach tart is a shooter, technically speaking, so you drink it in one gulp — like a shot of pure tequila. But instead of salt and a lemon or lime wedge that go with a shot of tequila, you have the maraschino cherry. Nice touch, really.

And, yes, you read that right — a shooter, not a shot. There is a difference between a shooter and a shot. It may not mean a lot of difference for many people but, even during cocktail hour, conversation takes place. If anyone brings it up, at least you can hold court for a few minutes by reciting the difference between a shot and a shooter.

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