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Pasta, pizza and porchetta at Cafe Lidia

Pasta, pizza and porchetta at Cafe Lidia | casaveneracion.com

When my girl friends from UP Law suggested that we meet up for lunch, I recommended Cafe Lidia in Marikina. Most would be coming from Quezon City and the Ortigas area, I would be coming from Antipolo, and Marikina seemed like a fair midway location. Besides, the food there is really glorious.

As it turned out, none of my girl friends had been there before so lunch was quite an adventure for them. I was only too happy to be the one to introduce them to Cafe Lidia.

My friends were already there when Speedy and I walked in. There was pizza and mozzarella sticks on the table, and one friend, Lisa, had a slice of chocolate cake in front of her. Dessert before the main course? That’s her style.

We ordered.

casaveneracion.com Pasta, pizza and porchetta at Cafe Lidia

Speedy chose beef salpicao and I had pasta with sausages and mushrooms.

casaveneracion.com Pasta, pizza and porchetta at Cafe Lidia

My friend Laly ordered pasta aglio e olio which came with bacon.

Lisa didn’t order anything else and declared she was happy with her pizza and chocolate cake. Or so she thought. I don’t remember the exact sequence of events but someone picked up the menu again, saw the photo of the porchetta and I happily suggested that we order it… you know, just to pick on as we chatted. The thing about lunches and dinners with these girl friends is how long the meal always lasts. Talk, talk, talk. We just never run out of things to talk about. Speedy’s used to it and he loves hearing the stories we tell anyway.

casaveneracion.com Pasta, pizza and porchetta at Cafe Lidia

So, we shared the plate of porchetta.

Lisa proclaimed that porchetta has bumped off lechon kawali as her favorite pork dish.

And Laly announced that she’d come back to Cafe Lidia with her sons.

I guess they liked the food, didn’t they? I don’t recommend restaurants lightly. But when I do, it’s because I can really vouch for the food. Speedy and I have enjoyed the food at Cafe Lidia since it opened in 2010, and nothing’s changed about how we feel. The only thing that has changed is that Cafe Lidia has expanded its dining area and there are new items in the menu.

Did we have dessert? Sure, we did. We were so excited that I totally forgot to take photos. But I’ll say this as a sweet note to end this post — my salted caramel cheesecake was absolutely divine.

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