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Party perfect mini-trifle

Party perfect mini-trifle | casaveneracion.com

The perfect dessert for those sit-down dinner affairs. The bottom layer consists of crushed home baked cookies, the middle layer is just softened ice cream and the topper is cream whipped to soft peaks sprinkled with more of the crushed cookies.

The cookie layer can be assembled ahead of time and the mini-glasses kept in the fridge. The ice cream can be softened to just the right consistency and spooned into a piping bag. The cream can be whipped ahead of time as well and kept in a second piping bag. Five minutes before dessert time, just pipe the ice cream and whipped cream into the glasses. Sprinkle with more crushed cookies and serve.

You don’t really need an ingredient list for all that, do you? But I have a few tips.

First, choose cookies that, after crumbling, won’t turn soggy in the moist environment of the refrigerator. I suggest the oats, nuts, chocolate and caramel squares.

Second, whatever cookies you choose, the ice cream flavor has to blend well with whatever flavors the cookies have. What blends well doesn’t necessarily mean that the ice cream has to echo the cookies. Contrast is great too. Like vanilla cookies and chocolate ice cream. Or chocolate chip cookies with pistachio ice cream. You get the idea.

Third, the whipped cream can be plain or not. Depending on your choice of cookies and ice cream, you can add aromatics like vanilla seeds or finely grated citrus rind.

And, finally, unless your guests are strictly non-alcoholic, you can drizzle the cookie layer with a little alcohol before adding the rest of the layers. For chocolate, mocha or coffee flavored cookies, Kahlua, Bailey’s or creme de cacao would add a nice touch. For citrusy cookies, a few drops of Limoncello would be lovely. For minty undertones, there’s creme de menthe.

The possibilities are truly endless. You can serve mini-trifles like this at every dinner party you host by simply changing the flavors of the three layers. You might even build a reputation as the host or hostess with the unforgettable mini-trifle desserts.

Party perfect mini-trifle

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