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Pancakes, burger, egg and chili breakfast



Two nights ago, for the first time since she got sick, Alex felt well enough to go to the grocery with us. We bought what we needed then passed by The French Baker on the way home. Unfortunately, they were out of sour dough bread (Alex mumbled, “Daddy will be so sad.”) but we managed to buy a pack of English muffins. Alex had one for her midnight snack; the rest I planned to serve with burgers for breakfast the next day. The plan, however, changed when she asked for pancakes the following day.

Pancakes, burger, egg and chili breakfast |

So, there I was mixing the pancake batter and wondering if I should pan-grill some burgers too. Alex said she wanted pancakes only but Speedy, who was already out running errands, would come home hungry and pancakes won’t be enough for him. As I was flipping pancakes, an image formed in my mind. A layered breakfast would be nice, I thought. It would consist of a burger sandwiched between two pancakes, topped with an egg and smothered with home cooked chili. Next time, I’ll sprinkle everything with grated cheese.

And Speedy’s breakfast was born. As he was wolfing it down some half an hour later, he asked where I got the idea. Nowhere, I said, I just imagined it. I Googled “pancake burger sandwich” much later and realized that there are pancake sandwiches around although not quite the same as mine. And none but mine has chili. Well, it’s good to know that I am still able to imagine something that others haven’t yet. Maybe. It is also possible that something like my creation already exists somewhere but has not been captured by Google’s radar.

To make this very filling and picture-pretty breakfast, you need a fried egg, pancakes, burger and chili. See the following recipes and tips:

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Choose a burger recipe from the archive (there are so many; there are even vegetarian burgers in there)
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For the chili, there are choices:

Pork chili with sun-dried tomatoes and Sriracha
Vegan chili, chunky and tasty without the meat
Chili con carne (flavored by leftovers)

When you’ve got all the components ready, assemble the breakfast dish and enjoy!

Pancakes, burger, egg and chili breakfast