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Pan de sal for merienda? Spread it with sardine pâté!

Pan de sal for merienda? Spread it with sardine pâté! |

Back in January when we had dinner at Marison’s, we passed by a tarp announcing that Rustan’s was opening a branch here in Antipolo.

It was just a tarp and Rustan’s is just a grocery but the effect on me was tremendous. For someone who grew up in the city and got transplanted to the suburb as an adult, I spent a lot of time pining for everything I missed about the city especially the access to good groceries and supermarkets. Shopwise opened a branch over a decade ago, a Robinson’s mall with a supermarket was inaugurated last year, Puregold and Super Metro opened their Antipolo supermarkets in between (SM did too but I don’t go there) — none filled the void.

The problem? First, it was the lack of good cheese. Shopwise and Robinson’s (very recently) solved that issue but the second problem was more pressing especially after Sam turned vegetarian. There was never a constant supply of fresh mushrooms. Now, there’s Rustan’s. After it opened a couple of weeks ago, we went and came home with several packs of mushrooms in different varieties. We also discovered Octavio Daily Spread Sardine Pâté, bought a jar, tried the pâté and the infatuation was instantaneous.

What’s inside a jar of Octavio Daily Spread Sardine Pâté? I took a close-up shot of the ingredients list.

Octavio Daily Spread Sardine Pâté

Okay, there’s MSG but, apparently, in minimal amounts because my taste buds didn’t scream out with multiple objections as they usually do when anything laden with MSG touches them. I don’t object to MSG because of its reputation as a health hazard. I don’t really know if it is. But whether it is or it isn’t bad for the health, I simply don’t like how too much of it detracts from the natural flavors of food. Period. How much MSG there is in Octavio Daily Spread Sardine Pâté, I don’t know exactly but I like the overall flavor of the spread.

And what’s the best way to enjoy Octavio Daily Spread Sardine Pâté?

Octavio Daily Spread Sardine Pâté

With butter. Split a pan de sal (yes, I have a recipe), spread butter on both halves, top the butter with a teaspoonful or so of sardine pâté, sprinkle with sliced onion leaves and toasted garlic bits, bite and fall in love.

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