Cooked With Vegetables

Oxtail sinigang sinigang na buntot ng baka (oxtail)Cooking this dish isn’t much different from making the more common sinigang na buntot ng baboy except that simmering the oxtail takes a lot longer. There is a world of difference though in the texture of the cooked dish. Oxtail sinigang is richer; the broth is thicker and sticky. We had this for lunch today.

There are several ways of cooking the oxtail. You can do it the traditional way by simmering it. It will take several hours but slow cooking really is best. Or you can use a crockpot. But if you don’t have much time to spare, there’s always the pressure cooker. Personally, I really love my pressure cooker. It means I don’t need to look in on the oxtail as it cooks. If there is enough liquid, I don’t have to worry about the oxtail sticking to the bottom of the cooking pan.

If you pressure cook your oxtail but want to achieve the texture of slow cooked meat, cool the cooked oxtail then let it sit in the fridge, in its broth, overnight. There’s something about allowing the broth to congeal that makes it richer the next day.

Once your oxtail is tender, just proceed cooking your sinigang the usual way. You can follow the recipe for my sinigang na buntot ng baboy.

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