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One of the many things that I brought from the garden of our old house was my oregano. Just like the basil, mint, cilantro, peppers, lemon and kaffir lime trees, we had to dig the oregano from the soil and put them in pots so we could transport and replant them. Potted oregano

A month after we moved, we called in the anti-termite people and had the entire house and garden treated. The oregano, which had already been replanted along with the other herbs and spices, withered and died. Until I can replace it, I’m obliged to use dried oregano. I bought a bunch last night, along with some bulaklak ng saging, to cook paksiw na pata. dried oregano

What flavor does oregano impart that makes it perfect for the sweet sour stew? For some reason, the pungent aroma, bold flavor and slightly bitter taste seem to go well with dishes with a sour base. It is an important ingredient in Italian cooking, a must in traditional pizza, characterized by the sour tomato base. There are several varieties of oregano the flavors ranging from strong to mild. In the Philippines, oregano is popularly used as a herbal medicine.

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