Orange juice and beer

Yes, the title is correct. That mug contains a mixture of orange juice and beer. And although I admit that I balked at the thought for a few seconds, I told myself not to forget that very important lesson in the kitchen or elsewhere — just because an idea sounds weird, it doesn’t mean it won’t result in something good. Well, the orange juice and beer idea turned out to be very, very good.


Where did the idea come from? I think Speedy was inspired by fruit-flavored beers. They’re everywhere — even San Miguel came out with lemon beer and apple beer.


So, if the only thing you mix with beer is 7-Up or Sprite to make shandy, it’s time to experiment with beer AND fruit juices. Just remember though that some juices are more acidic than others and, unless you’re using freshly squeezed fruit juice, you’ll have to check if the juice is sweetened or not because that will affect the beer to juice ratio as well as the taste of the mixed drink.

Me? I think I’ll try bee with guyabano (soursop) juice next time.

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