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On Pete Wells' "In the Belly of the Blog"

Got an e-mail from the Pinoy food bloggers mailing list and it seems that some food bloggers are smarting from a Food & Wine column by someone called Pete Wells. The guy doesn’t have a lot of good things to say about food blogs. In fact, he’s downright insulting especially for what he terms as “cheese-sandwich blogs”. I don’t take offense though. I don’t have a “cheese-sandwich blog”.

Actually, I agree with the guy. While he may have made sweeping generalizations, I agree that there are far too many bad food blogs around and they outnumber the good ones. And the bad blog phenomenon isn’t even peculiar to food blogs–there are simply far too many bad blogs around period.

Food Porn Watch isn’t exactly discriminating with the blogs it aggregates. Even those that steal content from bona fide food bloggers qualify as “food blogs” and are listed there. I wish it weren’t so.

I am not going to get defensive over this. If we believe that we have excellent food blogs–and I know I do–we shouldn’t feel slighted by this guy’s words.

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