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For your olive oil and vinegar bottles removable spout for olive oil and vinegar bottles

I’ve always wanted to buy those bottles with spouts for my olive oil and vinegar. You know that kind with pouring spouts attached to cork stoppers. On one visit to Tiendesitas, I almost bought one with handpainted sunflowers. But it was the last piece and I wanted a pair. Anyway, my husband found a more practical alternative–removable spouts.

With these spouts, there’s no need to pour the olive oil or vinegar into another bottle. Just remove the cap, attach the spout and pour away. There’s even a cover for the spout.

What’s the big deal about the spouts anyway? Well, it’s about control. And control is especially important when making salad dressings. You can’t pour too fast or too much olive oil or vinegar. What you want is to drizzle them over your vegetables. And that’s a little difficult to do with the size of the bottle openings. Some people use their finger to cover part of the bottle opening but I don’t like doing that especially with olive oil because nine chances out of ten, the oil will drip onto the sides of the bottle. And that’s additional work for me. That means I have to wipe the bottle before putting the olive oil away. Same thing with the vinegar actually.

Now, with my removable spout, when one bottle is empty, all I have to do is remove the spout and attach it to the new one. Simple.

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