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Obesity and BMI

Even during those times when my career was active and I hardly saw my kids, I took pains to make sure that they ate correctly. My absence was never an excuse to resort to food delivery from fastfoods. Of course, itÕs so much better now that I donÕt need to be employed elsewhere. It was the perfect opportunity to renew my love affair with cooking. Hence, this blog.

Obesity is a disease. Dr. Emer says that Òobesity will become No. 1 killer by 2005Ó rivalling cancer.

I also think the primary culprits for obesity (and being overweight) are bad eating habits as influenced by a culture of commercialism and a food industry that seems deaf and blind to this growing problem. [Dr. Emer]

Like I wrote over at Dr. EmerÔs, I say, go natural. Start cooking and eating real food and stop patronizing junkfood outlets like Jollibee and McDo. I know, easier said than done when we are being bombarded with their adverts left and right. Indirectly, it is these adverts that will kill us. The profit-hungry business owners canÕt reach us without their advertising cronies.

Personally, I think it all boils down to personal choices. It is still the individual who decides which adverts to pay attention to.

Once in a while is alright, I suppose. But to turn Jollibee into a lifestyle is just plain stupid.

Visit Dr. Emer for the link to find out what your Body Mass Index (BMI) is and decide for yourself whether you are fine, overweight or obese.

I second the motion. 


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