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Oatmeal porridge with fresh apples, toasted walnuts and honey

Oatmeal porridge with fresh apples, toasted walnuts and honey

A vegan breakfast for a seriously carnivorous girl.

Alex came home on the weekend complaining of gastric pains — a return of hyperacidity that she’s rather prone to when stressed with work and eating badly. I’ve told her to stay away from French fries, she did for a couple of weeks, then she got tempted and had two pieces. And the gastric pains came and made her very uncomfortable.

For breakfast on Sunday, she asked for oatmeal. I was surprised. Alex is not fond of oatmeal but she was willing to forego the usual to give her digestive system time to settle down. So, I made an oatmeal porridge with a pinch of salt. While the porridge cooked, Alex peeled and diced an apple. When the porridge was done, she topped hers with diced apple, poured in honey and she ate her vegan breakfast happily.

But me? I wasn’t having hyperacidic attacks so I could afford to add more to my oatmeal porridge. I roughly chopped some walnuts and toasted them in an oil-free pan. I had my oatmeal porridge with diced apples, toasted walnuts and honey. Delicious!

As I’ve said in another oatmeal porridge post, I won’t bother with the how-to-cook oatmeal part. Different kinds of oatmeal (rolled, instant, regular) require different amounts of liquid and cooking time so you’ll have to follow package directions for cooking the oats. I add a pinch of salt to the porridge while cooking but, lately, I haven’t been adding any sugar. The sweetener, whether sugar or honey or sugar syrup, is added — along with the preferred fruits and nuts, or both — on an individual basis just before eating.

Did the apples and honey in oatmeal porridge do Alex any good? It seems so. By late afternoon, she felt well enough to ask for pancit canton (that’s lo mein for you non-Filipinos).

So, there. Oatmeal porridge is good and oats are good for you. If raw fruits in oatmeal porridge sound too plain and unexciting, see oatmeal de luxe: porridge with caramelized apples, honey and cinnamon.

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