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No-cook Sticky Orange Sauce

No-cook Sticky Orange Sauce |

So, we have ponkan in our garden. After three long years, the tree (it’s really still so small that I don’t know if I can call it a tree) is finally bearing fruits. I plucked one fruit but it wasn’t quite ripe yet, I didn’t want to eat the whole thing as I prefer it to be sweeter, so what was I to do with it? I made a sauce.

I was planning on having lemon chicken for dinner, I was already prepping the chicken thigh fillets but I took another look at the ponkan and I was so itching to use the juice to make a sauce. So, the lemon chicken became this chicken dish with a sweet, tangy and subtly spicy sauce made with ponkan juice, among other things.

Just what are those “other things”?

No-cook Sticky Orange Sauce

If you can guess just by looking at the photo above, I’ll treat you to dinner ha ha ha. Kidding. Of course, I’ll show you what else went into the sauce.

No-cook Sticky Orange Sauce

It’s a no-cook sauce, actually, and the ingredients are whatever I could get my hands on. The important thing for me was to use the ponkan juice. I just searched around for other things that I figured would go well with it — honey, fish sauce, chili flakes, lemon juice, garlic (finely grated), the liquid from a small jar of pickles…

I just mixed everything together in a jar. There are no exact proportions as I just poured, tasted, added and adjusted as I went along.

No-cook Sticky Orange Sauce

And I just drizzled the sauce over the crisp chicken thigh fillets.

If you want to make the dish that you see above, just make the sauce, then cook the chicken thigh fillet as though you were making lemon chicken (get the recipe). You can serve the chicken pieces on a platter with a shallow pool of sauce around them. Or you can do it single serve style. Place enough chicken pieces for a single serving on top of rice. Drizzle a generous amount of sauce over the chicken and dig in.

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