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Night sky and breakwater

Night sky and breakwater |

The string of lights on the left is Roxas Boulevard. The twin blocks of light near the center is Sofitel (formerly Philippine Plaza) Hotel. The circular light at the right is the ferris wheel at Star City. And, on the foreground, the Manila Bay breakwater.

I took several shots of this scene using different camera settings. I wanted to let in enough light to make the water visible but, sadly, that resulted in the overexposure of the lights in the background. night-sky2

The shutter speed was set at 13.0 in the first photo; for the second, it was at 15.0. The second photo is visibly grainier.

Sam took photos of this same scene from a slightly different angle. Hers are better — the water splashing against the breakwater is clearly visible. That’s because she was using her dSLR with a wide-angle lens (EF 17-40mm f/4L USM) while I was using the Powershot G10. Serves me right for being too lazy to bring my dSLR on an afternoon and night dedicated to taking photos. Next time, I won’t be so lazy.

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