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Niagara Hills in Antipolo

An aborted trip yesterday to Hinulugang Taktak, one of AntipoloÕs main attractions led to a great culinary discovery–the Niagara Hills Restaurant along Sumulong Highway.

casaveneracion.com sinigang na sugpocasaveneracion.com sinigang na baboy

Above, sinigang na sugpo and sinigang na baboy, prawns and pork in a sour soup, respectively. For my versions of these two traditional Filipino dishes, click here and here.

casaveneracion.com sisig

Above, the famous sisig, a dish to die for but, for the life of me, I canÕt prepare at home because of the amount of work it entails. 

Sisig is a pork dish made with parboiled and grilled pork ears and face, pork brain, liver lots of chopped onions, garlic and chilies–served on a heated iron platter. I was introduced to this wonderful dish in college when we frequented a restaurant in the Diliman area called Trellis. IÕve tried sisig in many Filipino restaurants but Niagara HillÕs version is the best, so far. The pork rind is crunchy but the meat is moist. Their pork mixture is carefully chosen so that the cooked dish isnÕt too oily. The chilies are coarsely chopped so that those who prefer a not too spicy sisig can just remove the peppers.

Another dish we ordered at the Niagara Hills was crispy pata (my version here). Forgot to take a photo. I was too busy with the sisig. The crispy pata was great as well. The meat was, oh, so tender while the rind was crisp and thin. The Niagara Hills chef sure knows how to choose his pork. I bet that they donÕt use mature hogs in that restaurant.

For those unfamiliar with the area, Sumulong Highway in Antipolo is lined with restaurants and eateries that offer a panoramic view of Metro Manila, Laguna de Bay and Manila Bay. The view is especially spectacular at night when only the lights from the buildings and houses are visible.

Rating: Great food, relatively cheap, service is okay but the facilities aren’t that great. The view is great though.


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