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My Thai at Eastwood Mall

If you ask me which Asian cuisine I like best, I won’t hesitate to say “Chinese!” But ask me which Asian cuisine I like next to Chinese, I’ll probably take my sweet time coming up with an answer. I’ll think about all the Japanese, Thai and Vietnamese dishes that I like, assign points for each, tally the points then come up with an answer. Yes, tight race for the second place. And, in time, there might be more than three choices as I am learning to adore Korean cooking as well.

Last week, when a good-sounding business offer came in the mail and it was my choice where and when to set a meeting, there ensued a debate inside my head. What did I want to eat exactly? I never set up a meeting at some god-awful venue. I like discussing over food or, at the very least, good coffee. So, it was a no-brainer that I would choose a restaurant. A few days earlier, I was at Fully Booked at The Fort getting ready to buy a delicious looking Thai cookbook but, when I came back for it after browsing through the books in the next aisle, I found the lone copy of the Thai cookbook gone. Frustrating. So, I told myself I could just eat Thai food instead.

So, before I post the cream puffs recipe that I mentioned in the pâte à choux entry, let me show you what we had for lunch at My Thai yesterday.

casaveneracion.com crispy catfish and green mango salad

Speedy and I shared the yum pla dook foo or crispy catfish and green mango salad. It was okay although I found it strange that it wasn’t topped with fresh cilantro — a traditional garnish for many Thai soups and salads.

casaveneracion.com Pork satay

Speedy enjoyed his pork satay. I tried one stick and the meat was tender and tasty.

casaveneracion.com Grilled pork belly with lemongrass

I had the grilled pork belly with lemongrass. Now, here’s the weird thing. There was no trace of lemongrass flavor in the pork. In fact, the pork didn’t taste like it had been marinated. The meat was bland which really made the dipping sauce indispensable.

And the lemongrass? Well, it served no other purpose than to prettify the dish. The fibrous stalks were, of course, not edible. The only edible part of the lemongrass is the white portion of the stalks near the roots and even that requires a lot of looking. The upper portions of the stalks are great for flavoring sauces and soups but, by themselves, are too fibrous to be eaten.

Well, two out of three can’t be that bad. And the fact that all the dishes were served freshly cooked should earn My Thai a lot of points — unlike that blasted place in Tagaytay were the chicken tikka tasted like it had been reheated thrice already.

And how was the service? For some reason, the waiters kept dropping things on the floor. It happened at least four times — trays, cutlery… By the fourth time, I made a very audible comment — it bothered me already. If that’s anything to judge the service by, you decide. Other than that, the waiters were attentive.

Will I go back there again? Hmmmm… Maybe not. Jatujak at SM Megamall and Mall of Asia serve far better Thai food.

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