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My mother’s obsession

casaveneracion.com agate flower vase

My mother has two obsessions: stones and metals. Stones meaning diamonds, emeralds, rubies, sapphires… And metals meaning gold (white, yellow or rose) and, sometimes, silver. The obsession with stones is not limited to fine jewelry — she like rocks too. There was a store called Kabul in Manila where she used to buy uncut and rocks. One time, she came home with a chunk of rough jade, I don’t know how she managed to find a stone-cutter but, after a couple of months, the rough rock became rings, earrings and pendants. She have me one, in fact, which I had made into a ring.

Anyway, this isn’t about jewelry. I just wanted to provide some background about the object in the photos.


The flower vase has been carved from a solid piece of agate. The weight of the thing is such that if an unfortunate robber should wander inside our house and I hit him on the head with that flower vase, the effect would not be too dissimilar from getting hit on the head with a fire extinguisher. I’m not a big fan of flower vases but, as you can imagine, this one has many good uses. It’s ornamental and it can also be a deadly weapon.

Agate is a variety of quartz and may be categorized according to its pattern.

casaveneracion.com agate flower vase

The vase does not stay on my desk, that spot is reserved for my wireless mouse, but the lighting is good from this angle so I put it there just long enough to take photos. The flowers are from the garden.

Next time, I’ll take photos of the bookends made of solid agate.

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