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My favorite Korean ice cream bar Korean ice cream bar

If you’re still not aware that I have another network of food blogs, then, you probably missed the post about Korean ice cream bars. In that post, I recounted the story about how we discovered a Korean grocery a few minutes from our house, how we found that the prices of cooking ingredients there are much cheaper than regular grocery prices, and how we fell in love with Korean ice cream bars. Korean ice cream bars are now regular items in our freezer. Sam and Alex love them as much as Speedy and I do.

In that other post, I also mentioned that the very first Korean ice cream bar I ever tried, one with solid chocolate center covered with vanilla ice cream coated with peanut sprinkled chocolate shell, remains my favorite to this day. I was finally able to take photos. And that is it in the photo above. Alex absolutely loves that one too. Korean ice cream bar

Another favorite is this watermelon bar. It even has “seeds” like a real watermelon but whether those seeds are true watermelon seeds or bits of roasted nuts, I can’t tell. I’m sure that Korean ice cream bar labels contain a list of ingredients but since no one in my family reads Korean, well, we can’t guess what those black bits are.

And what other Korean ice cream bars do we like? We like the fruits and yogurt bars. The strawberry and yogurt bar is especially good.

Now, to answer the emails suggesting we should try Magnum… We have. Almost as soon as it came out. We tried it once and never again. Honestly, I don’t know what the fuss is all about. The chocolate shell is thicker than usual, sure, but we make ice cream at home, we melt Belgian chocolate at home for baking, and… I really don’t see what the fuss about Magnum is all about. Hype is the only word I can describe it with. It’s just nothing extraordinarily good but I have to admit that it is well marketed. Well, marketing never changed the intrinsic value of anything. So, there.

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