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Mushroomburger’s meatless mushroom sandwich

casaveneracion.com mushroomburger-meatless-sandwich

When we drove out of town last weekend, we really weren’t sure where we were going except for the general direction — south of Metro Manila. Sam had to shoot for a project, she wanted a change of scenery so we picked her up from the condo and drove south. I initially suggested Sta. Rosa, Laguna but Speedy said the coastal road would be more picturesque. So, the coastal road it was.

The problem was that Sam fell asleep even before we exited Metro Manila. Knowing how very little sleep she had last week (mid-terms at school), I didn’t have the heart to wake her up once we reached the more country-like parts of Cavite. So, we drove all the way to Tagaytay. It was 11 a.m. when we got to Mushroomburger. We were hungry. And, if Sam was going to get any shooting done, she would have to get up. I roused her from her sleep and told her we’d have a quick meal and start shooting.

Still half-asleep, Sam asked where we were, I told her we were at Mushroomburger in Tagaytay. But what would I eat here, she asked. Right. Mushroomburger’s burgers are made with 50% oyster mushrooms and 50% meat. And Sam’s vegetarian. Salad, I I told her.

Unfortunately, when we got inside Mushroomburger, I was told there was no salad on the menu. I asked the girl at the counter what they had for vegetarian customers and she pointed at the poster on the wall. That one above. Sam and I got a table while Speedy ordered the food.

casaveneracion.com mushroomburger-meatless-sandwich2

Oh, wait! I took photos of the mushrooms on display before we got a table. It was while taking the mushroom photos that I noticed there weren’t any vacant tables inside — we’d have to get one in the open-air section. It was a long weekend (for students, at least), it was lunchtime and the place was packed.

casaveneracion.com Aguinaldo Highway, Tagaytay

While waiting for Speedy and the food, I amused myself by taking photos of the passing vehicles on the highway. What else could I do? Sam had slumped on the bench and dozed off. No conversation was possible.

casaveneracion.com mushroomburger-meatless-sandwich3

Then, Speedy arrived with the sandwiches.

casaveneracion.com mushroomburger-meatless-sandwich4

As most food advertisements go, the real meatless sandwich didn’t look anything like the one in the poster. Far from it. But the sandwich was tasty. Very tasty. Yes, that was what I had too. Speedy had something with meat, naturally.

What’s the mushroom sandwich, exactly? Not a burger, definitely. That’s obvious from the photo. The filling is made with whole oyster mushrooms. Oyster mushroom is the most bland-tasting mushroom I have ever eaten so the oyster mushrooms in the sandwich were obviously well-seasoned. Sam, who has this uncanny knack for deconstructing anything she eats down to the bits of herbs that may be present, said the mushrooms were cooked in butter. Ah, butter, you are such a miracle worker.

Price of the meatless sandwich? PhP92.00 (about USD2.00), if Speedy’s recollection is accurate.

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