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Mushroom and parsley rice

Mushroom and parsley rice | casaveneracion.com

We all know that the rice cooker is meant for cooking rice. Some brave souls have cooked food other than rice in a rice cooker — from tofu to bread to fish — but those things I haven’t tried myself.

What I have tried is cooking rice in the rice cooker with liquid other than water. For instance, I’ve cooked rice with coconut milk (see the recipes for sticky rice cake and rice and beans in coconut milk). I’ve also cooked rice with broth (see nasi ayam panggang or roast chicken rice, a la Mexican rice and arroz amarillo). I do love cooking rice in broth. Even when the main course in a meal is something simple, the meal itself is anything but simple when the rice is bursting with flavors and colors.

This mushroom and parsley rice dish “happened” for two reasons. First, I declared the month of April as Rice Month on Southeast Asian Food and my head was overflowing with ideas on how to cook rice. Second, I am declaring May as Noodle Soup Month on Southeast Asian Food and, to kick it off, I made pho with broth prepared the authentic Vietnamese way. As it turned out, I had way too much broth than what we could use for a meal. So, I used some of the broth to cook this mushroom and parsley rice.

Mushroom and parsley rice

The procedure is very simple. Cook the rice as you normally would but using broth in place of water. Do the measuring for the rice and water ratio the same way. When the rice and broth and in the rice cooker, add sliced mushrooms and chopped parsley.

Turn on the rice cooker and let it do its work.

Mushroom and parsley rice

Midway through the cooking, lightly stir the rice so that the mushrooms and parsley get distributed evenly rather than remain on top.

Continue cooking the rice until done. And that’s it!

Mushroom and parsley rice

We paired the mushroom and parsley with pan-fried pork ribs. Delicious!

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