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Monte Café, Antipolo

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That night we had a discussion about tricycles and jeepneys, we were at Monte Café in Antipolo. We were at the grocery earlier that day, we went home and had dinner, and then we went out again to try the first of the many new coffeehouses in our suburban community. Speedy had passed Monte Café a few days earlier when he drove Alex to a party and we decided to try it.

Seats at Monte Café are divided between the air-conditioned section and the al fresco area. Naturally, because I have to have my coffee with cigarettes, I chose al fresco. On hindsight, we should have taken a table indoors. Monte Café is on the second floor of Citywalk Building on M. L. Quezon Extension, Antipolo. M. L. Quezon is a main thoroughfare plied by buses, jeepneys, tricycles, trucks and private vehicles. The noise was deafening. I’ll remember that. We want to go back to try Monte Café’s entrees some time and, when we do, we’ll stay at the air-conditioned section. I’ll just step out to smoke if I want to but no more of that you-have-to-talk-louder kind of conversation.

Monte Café, Antipolo

The air-conditioned sections looked cozy enough.

Monte Café, Antipolo

Because we were there for dessert and coffee, I went straight to the cake display case. The cakes looked familiar, especially the Chocolate Caramel, so I asked the attendant if the cakes were exclusive to Monte Café. He said they had a supplier.

Monte Café, Antipolo

Speedy chose a revel bar to go with his coffee, I ordered a slice of chocolate carrot cake and coffee, Alex had a slice of New York cheesecake with her latte, and Sam wanted no dessert but only macha iced tea.

The cakes, especially Alex’s New York cheesecake, were wonderful. Speedy found his revel bar to be a bit dry but Sam pointed out that revel bars are essentially “health” bars so they don’t have the texture of brownies.

Sam’s macha iced tea was superb.

The total bill was a little over PHP700.00 and I was so pleased. We rarely spend less than a thousand when we have cakes and coffee in the city.

Much later, when I was cropping the photos preparatory to posting them, I noticed the label on the cake boards.

Monte Café, Antipolo


Monte Café, Antipolo

No wonder the cakes were good. I love Chocolat cakes.

For some reason, I was prompted to compare the prices of Chocolat cakes sold at Chocolat outlets with their prices at Monte Café. I found Chocolat’s Facebook page and the most recent price list says the New York cheesecake is PHP125.00 per slice and the chocolate carrot cake is PHP89.00 per slice.


The New York cheesecake is PHP175.00 per slice and the chocolate carrot cake is PHP135.00 per slice at Monte Café. The mark-up is huge. But then again, if the cakes are delivered, there would be delivery charges. If Monte Café’s people pick up the cakes from Chocolat, the cost of fuel will have to be added.

I was almost okay with the mark-up when, at Chocolat’s Facebook Page, I discovered that its main kitchen is right here in Antipolo less than 10 minutes’ drive from Monte Café. And I felt a little weak. Is that really good business jacking up the prices too much? If I found the location of Chocolat’s main kitchen and its most recent price list with a few clicks on my keyboard, surely, there are others who can too.

Does that mean no more going back to Monte Café? Well, not really. We still want to try the entrees, sandwiches and pasta. But if we want cake, we’ll go straight to Chocolat.

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