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Miso noodle soup with poached egg

Miso noodle soup with poached egg |

When you have a base as delicious as miso soup, creating a one-bowl meal is easy. Speedy said we should try miso noodle soup with poached egg (something he saw on TV) and I said sure! Who wouldn’t agree to make something as simple as that?

So, for tonight’s dinner, I did as Speedy suggested. I boiled egg noodles, scooped them out and divided them between two bowls. In the still simmering water, I blanched slices of wom bok (pechay Baguio for you Filipino readers), scooped them out and added them to the bowls of noodles.

I threw out the water and replaced it with three cups of tap water. I brought the water to simmering, took about a quarter cup and used it to soak some wakame.

The dashi and miso paste were stirred into the water (see how to make miso soup). I cracked an egg into a small bowl and poured it into the miso soup. I cracked a second egg and did the same. The heat was turned off, the pan was covered and the eggs poached in the hot soup for a couple of minutes (see also how to poach eggs).

When the eggs were ready, I scooped them out and place one in each bowl. Hot miso soup was ladled in and, at the point, the miso noodle soup was ready. A very simple miso noodle soup, yes, and Speedy loved it.

But me? Oh, I wanted some extras.

Miso noodle soup with poached egg topped with pork floss and fried shallots

I finely sliced the softened wakame and added it to my noodles, wom bok and poached egg. I filled up my bowl with miso soup then sprinkled in some pork floss and fried shallots. And then, I joined my husband and we feasted.

The names of some of the ingredients may sound a bit intimidating to some so the links to posts discussing all of them in more detail are provided above.

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