Dining Out

Mini cakes from Cafe Ysabel

casaveneracion.com mini cakes from Cafe Ysabel: chocolate paradise (truffle), mango cake and carrot cake

When my husband asked me what birthday cake I wanted, the first thing that came to mind was Shoppersville’s chocolate cake. He suggested Red Ribbon, I countered with Estrel’s or Conti’s. Estrel’s had run out of ready-made-cakes for walk in customers and parking at Conti’s was a headache. We settled for Cafe Ysabel where we had our very first date almost 17 years ago.

Because the girls had their own ideas about what my birthday cake should be, I suggested we each get a mini cake of our choice. Sam and I chose Chocolate Paradise (a truffle, really), Speedy opted for Carrot Cake and Alex satisfied her mango addiction with a Mango Cake. The mini cakes were packed in individual boxes, candles were supplied and we went home happily.

casaveneracion.com mini cakes from Cafe Ysabel

Of the three mini cakes, only Chocolate Paradise lived up to the old standards of Cafe Ysabel. Their carrot cakes used to be coated with cream cheese frosting — now, it’s just a hardened mixture of water and powdered sugar. The mango slices on the cake were not fresh — they tasted like preserved mangoes, the kind you can buy in supermarkets.

Oh, well. It’s the birthday and the company that count, anyway — not the cake. :)

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