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Messy Bessy insect repellent: natural, environment-friendly, effective


Last August, a storm hit the Philippines and classes in Metro Manila were suspended. Alex and her group mates were still doing the paperwork for their thesis defense at the time and, to facilitate the work, one of the members of the group, Iya, spent the weekend with us. But because of the storm which raged for days, Iya got stuck in our house for almost a week.

What do you do when no one can go out of the house? Well, conversations are always encouraged here. And it was over one of those many conversations with Iya that she mentioned her mom’s start-up business as a distributor of natural and environment-friendly products. Among them, an insect repellent. She volunteered to provide a sample and I was only too happy to accept. Just check out the mosquito repellent posts in the archive to marvel at my family’s journey to find the most effective, the most cost-effective and the safest mosquito repellent there is.

casaveneracion.com messy-bessy-insect-repellent

Messy Bessy Insect Repellent contains purified water, sugarcane alcohol, polysorbate 20 (emulsifier derived from coconut oil), Andiroba oil and Eucalyptus essential oil. Yes, it is VERY EFFECTIVE and it smells very nice too — that’s one advantage it has over our homemade clove-based mosquito repellent which has a stronger spicier smell. I personally recommend it. And it doesn’t only repel mosquitoes but other bugs as well including those little unidentified pests that blow in with the wind. Sam calls them little crickets; I am not really sure what they are.

Messy Bessy Insect Repellent is made by a local company called Messy Bessy. From the company website:

Messy Bessy Cleaners, Inc. (www.messybessy.com) was established as the first enterprise of Project H.OU.S.E. (Helping OUrselves through Sustainable Enterprises). Messy Bessy is a manufacturer and wholesaler of natural, biodegradable household cleaners with the primary goal of employing, training and educating disadvantaged (formerly abused, trafficked, out-of-school, impoverished) young adults. It is a fusion of addressing a need for a greener lifestyle and a cleaner environment and helping these young adults out of their victim complex and leading them into a life that they choose to live.

I highlighted the word wholesaler just so it’s clear that you can’t order directly on a retail basis. Messy Bessy has distributors, among them — Iya’s mom. If you want to try Messy Bessy Insect Repellent, it’s available at:

The Green Start
Shaw 500, Shaw Blvd. (beside Puregold)
Mandaluyong, Metro Manila
(m) 09229220600

You can visit The Green Start or call them up for more details including prices.

Two more things.

The Green Start also sells products made by other companies. Only green products. Iya gave samples of a few other products, including a facial skin toner, which I haven’t tried yet because my priority was the insect repellent. I’ll write about them after I’ve tried them.

And, the last thing… the photo. Speedy had been testing the Christmas lights that we bought two years ago and I thought I’d capture the current atmosphere here at home.

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