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Meat tenderizer: papaya leaves or juice?

In an older entry about using baking soda as meat tenderizer, I mentioned that my father once told me how papaya leaves can be used as meat tenderizer. The way I understood him, the papaya leaves are crushed, spread on the meat and allowed to infuse overnight. The papaya leaves are rinsed off before cooking. I don’t know if I did it wrong but nothing happened to the meat so I never tried it again.

Then, someone posted a comment which made me think that, perhaps, I didn’t understand my father correctly. Reader Maricel said:

The juice extracted from shredded green papaya also works wonders. Just be sure to dip the meat in the juice only a few minutes before cooking. I once marinated tapa with the papaya juice, when I fried the tapa, it literally turned into paste.

Now that is something I will try very soon.

The papaya tree in the photo was taken at our old house. And that’s the neighbor’s papaya tree, not ours.

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