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Matching floor and table lamps for the living area

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When we moved in, the only lights in the living room were seven halogen bulbs in brass fixtures on the ceiling. We rarely turned them on because the power consumption gave us nightmares. We entertained a lot of ideas about how to do the living room lighting using more practical CFLs but the brass fixtures can only accommodate halogen bulbs.

The practical solution was to have a second set of lights for everyday use. Our first thought was the obvious one — a pair of table lamps on the side tables on both ends of the couch. But the length of the couch, at 72 inches, left too little space in one corner for a side table. The space, however, would be perfect for a floor lamp and a pot of upright indoor plant. We started doing the rounds of lamp stores — again — for a pair of matching floor and table lamps. Tiendesitas, SM Megamall, Home Depot…

The ones we found were either cheap and ugly, expensive but ugly, or expensive and super gorgeous. Clearly, none satisfied our criteria. Worse, it was a pain finding matching floor and table lamps. The only ones we really liked were a pair (but sold as two individual items) we found at Keystone Lamps but the price was… Well, let’s just say it would mean going beyond our budget by about 300 per cent. On the way home, tired and more than a bit frustrated, Speedy said we’d visit more stores and if we will still be unable to find a pair that we liked, he would buy the ones we found at Keystone.

A day later, Speedy was at S&R to check if Union stand fans were no longer out of stock. He called me up and announced excitedly that there was this matching floor and table lamps in cherry wood and the price was GREAT. I was too tired to go the rounds again, I trusted his judgment (we were clear on what we wanted for the living room), so I told him to go ahead and buy them.

He installed yellow CFLs (most interior decorators prefer yellow light to give off that warm glow) and we got that dim golden glow that we wanted. Just perfect, as far as I’m concerned — muted, understated, elegant. Just don’t mind the screwdriver and the screws on the table. Speedy was fixing the blinds when I took the photo. :wink:

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