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Marinated sweet yellow and red roasted peppers

Although I’m not a huge fan of vegetables that come out of a can or jar, I have to admit that there are times when they are practical over and above being such a huge convenience. During the typhoon season, because of low supply and the difficulty of transporting the newly harvested vegetables, prices soar.

But the law of supply and demand isn’t the only thing that affects food prices. Sometimes, the skyrocketing prices are artificially induced. Like during the Christmas season. Because people are buying a lot of food, sellers know they’ll bite whatever the prices are. Case in point: fresh coconuts. Ordinarily, they sell for P18 pesos each. A few days before the New Year, they were selling for P30 pesos each. And there was no shortage whatsoever. So, go figure.

Bell peppers (the locally grown ones come mostly from the Baguio area) are already among the more expensive vegetables but around Christmas time, the prices can double. So when I saw this jar of marinated sweet yellow and red roasted peppers at the supermarket, I grabbed one immediately. That should solve some space problems in the fridge. And even if I couldn’t go to the supermarket anymore for fresh vegetables a day or two before Christmas and New Year, there’s a great fall back option.

Are those marinated sweet yellow and red roasted peppers any good? Yes, they are. I added them to my chili con carne (made with a lot of bits and pieces from the freezer like bacon and sausages) and the chili turned out wonderfully. The recipe for the chili con carne coming up next.

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