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Mango – rum sorbet

Serving ice cream for dessert at a children’s party is always a safe idea. A lot of parents these days bring in a sorbetero with his own ice cream cart and he serves the ice cream to the kids in cones. The set-up is attractive, uniquely Filipino and the host and hostess are saved the trouble of serving the ice cream themselves.


But what if you’re hosting an all-adult sit-down dinner party? Is ice cream a good choice for dessert? Yes, it is, naturally, but not exactly exciting, is it? Unless you have a special ice cream recipe and you make the ice cream yourself, store-bought ice cream is simply too ordinary. Not the kind of dessert that will elicit appreciative ooohs and ahhhs. And definitely not the kind of dessert that will make your dinner party a conversation topic among your crowd for the weeks to come. So, why not forget about store-bought ice cream and make an unforgettable dessert, properly laced with a little alcohol for the adult palate, that requires all of 15 minutes to prepare? You don’t need an ice cream maker either.

You probably think I’m joking. Fifteen minutes without an ice cream maker? I’m serious. You will need a blender though and you have to freeze the sorbet overnight. And, for best results, you have to rake through the mixture with a fork every few hours or so to make sure that no ice crystals are formed. Beyond that, it’s a breeze. My husband just had a scoop and he said it was great. And he’s very critical, you know? So, if he says it’s great, it must be. Of course, I’ve had a scoop before he did and I already knew that. :wink:

Ingredients :

fresh, ripe mangoes
1/4 c. of cinnamon-flavored pancake syrup
2 tbsps. of lemon juice
3-4 tbsps. of rum

Make the sorbet :

How many mangoes you will need depends on how large they are. You will need six cups of mango puree though for the proportions of the rest of the ingredients to work. If you have more, or less, mango puree, just add or subtract to taste.

Cut the mangoes and scoop out the flesh. Cut into small pieces and place in the blender. Puree for about 30 to 45 seconds at high speed.

casaveneracion.com pureed fresh ripe mangoes

Add the rest of the ingredients and pulse the blender a couple of times just to blend the ingredients.

Pour the mixture into an air-tight container and freeze. You don’t need to do anything during the first 3 to 4 hours. After that, when the mixture starts to freeze, rake through — top to bottom and side to side — with a fork. Do this every 3 to 4 hours.

After 12 hours, the sorbet is ready to serve.

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