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Mango custard

This is my second attempt at making mango custard. The first one, a couple of months ago, was a total disaster and it took me a long time to muster the guts to try again. Yes, the first attempt was that bad. Traumatic. Terribly traumatic. It’s the kind of failure that makes me ask myself if I can really cook at all. It’s like driving and figuring in a really bad road mishap. You shake so badly you’re not sure if you can ever take the wheel again. Then, the moment of panic and anxiety passes and everything becomes a blurry bad memory. That should give you an idea how bad my first batch of mango custard went.


So, my husband came home tonight with a huge bag of mangoes and I suddenly felt that it was time to try again. And I did. This time, I was careful not to pour in too much milk since mango has a rather high water content. Too much liquid in proportion to the eggs — that was what turned my first attempt into a disaster.

Ingredients :

2 ripe mangoes
2 large eggs
1 c. of fresh milk (the ready-to-drink kind)
4 tbsps. of white sugar
4 tsps. of dark brown sugar

Make the custard:

Prepare four ramekins that can each hold about a cup of liquid. Place them in a baking pan. Into each ramekin, place one teaspoonful of dark brown sugar and one teaspoonful of water. Pour enough boiling water into the baking pan to reach a height of about one inch. Place the baking pan, with the ramekins in it, in a preheated 180oC oven for about five to seven minutes or until the sugar melts.

Meanwhile, cut the mangoes, discard the stones, scoop out the flesh, roughly chop and pulse in the blender until liquefied.

In a bowl, beat the eggs and the milk together. Add the white sugar and pour in the mango puree. Mix until blended.

Take the ramekins out of the oven. Ladle the milk-egg-mango mixture into each ramekin until almost full. Pour more boiling water into the baking pan to reach halfway up the ramekins. Put back in the oven and bake for 30 to 35 minutes or until a knife inserted at the center of the custard comes out clean.

I know, it’s just leche flan. But until you’ve made your leche flan with mango puree, you’ll never know how much difference it can make. :)

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